As an entrepreneur, an essential element to secure your future is brand development.  Branding your business is a emotional and often difficult project.  Company branding or branding a start-up requires consideration across many differing legal perspectives.  The greatest challenge is to find a unique brand name in your industry that you can acquire domain names, social media pages and a trademark to protect your brand intellectual property.

With over 70,000 brands now registered as trademarks in Australia, Untapped Agency can guide you through the process to register a brand name, create your logo and seek protection of your identity.

Imagine launching your idea, presenting to the market then finding out that you can not trademark your brand or that you are infringing on someone else’e brand?

Our services will help you navigate this process so you can continue with marketing and selling your idea.

To effectively license you need a unique, engaging and market leading brand. When considering a re-brand, this is has deeper dimensions than a logo change. The decisions can affect the simplicity and control of your licensing programme. As you are leasing your biggest asset, your brand, when licensing then our Agency can assist you with the re-brand process.

Untapped Agency combines law, marketing and sales to develop your strategy and deliver your updated brand which can spin out into licensing.

Elements of a re-brand that can affect your licensing programme include the new logo and its legal registrability, its commercialisation use and the impact on any licensing deals in the market.

Untapped Agency manages your entire re-brand strategy and execution. This is across Trademarks, brand value proposition in the licensing programme and brand equity which is the leverage of your licensing commercialisation and monetisation to receive royalty revenue.

Licensing Brand Benefits

Brand affinity is priceless.
Consumers are now surrounded by licensed products
and most of them are totally unaware of this strategic brand strategy

A carefully constructed licensing program can increase the value of your brand through new trademarks into categories outside of your core offering, deeper lifestyle connectivity with more consumers. There is now widespread acceptance that licensing plays a significant role in generating and sustaining the financial performance of a branded company.

Brand Licensing builds and strengthens the brand image beyond traditional boundaries through increased awareness of the brand to consumers who otherwise might not be brand aware Licensing is now a serious brand enhancement portfolio within the marketing strategy of companies.

Brand Licensing and Co-Branding

Brand Licensing can take many forms. Whether you Licence-In or License Out is determined by the brand licensing strategy and licensing objectives of your growth strategy.

Licensing In occurs when you want to lease another brand to enhance your own product or service range. When you badge and promote your service with this new Licensed Brand (that you licensed into your business) there are expectations to increase your sales offering.

Licensing Out occurs when you lease your brand to a third party so that they can use on their own product or service offering which creates a wider consumer lifestyle retail experience where your brand is growing into categories, new channels or new territories.

Co-Branding is a form of licensing where parties agree to share brand intellectual property together in a marketing communication.

This strategy requires parties to agree on brand usage and needs to be determined before publication. If not managed from the start a brand collaboration could end up with both parties frustrated, a brand misused or exploited due to loss of control.

Untapped Agency works with Brand Owners and Brand Agencies to determine a suitable co-licensing arrangement for the best advantage of both parties to protect brand IP and maximise your collaborative opportunity.