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Licensing Commercialisation

Untapped Agency is a full-service
Australian brand protection and licensing firm to lead the
monetisation of your IP assets

Licensing Management Agency

We Deliver
New Incremental

Intellectual Property (IP) Licensing can drive demand, create a cutting edge competitive advantage and help brands remain relevant with consumers.

What can we do for you

Trade Marks

Help protect your brands to prepare you for licensing


We create opportunities to pitch your business to acquire global brands

Test New Ideas

We can create new licensed campaigns to test NPD ideas

New Markets

We can license your IP into new global markets for growth

Promotional Licensing

Create innovative campaigns to drive consumer engagement and sales

Brand X Brand

Cooperative licensing to create unique consumer promotions

License your brand and IP for innovative growth

New Channels

License to leverage your IP into new retail and distribution channels

Licensing BDM

We create new licensing deals from business development


We manage IP licensing for Brand and IP Owners

Commercialisation And Monetisation​

Licensing Is Your Untapped
Growth Strategy​

Licensing is a key element of an integrated growth programme incorporating NPD, retail strategies, innovation collaboration and all marketing elements to commercialise. Untapped Agency leads and manages your brand, copyright and intellectual property licensing program.

Brand Licensing Management

Who we’ve worked with


New Brand Impressions

We can create new consumer engagements through licensing to increase your brand equity


Drive New Income

We can create new licensing revenue from leveraging IP

The Edge

Leverage Your Capabilities

Licensing allows you to grow faster and smarter through licensing collaborations

Trademark and Brand Agent Australia

Brand Protector. Deal Maker.

Untapped Agency represents focused expertise in the trademark, copyright and intellectual property licensing industry.  We are an out-sourced product development and brand growth specialist for the marketing and sales goals of your company.

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