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Innovations are worth more with a Trademark

The Advantages of both Innovation and Trademark Licensing As an Innovation Owner you may have created a novel and useful product, system or technology which you are actively protecting by patenting or by locking in those trade secret/know-how confidentiality documents to protect your know-how. As you dream of retiring off your innovation, there is often one […]

99% of Aussie CEO’s are Missing Out on Easy Innovation Revenue

A key challenge for a CEO is to remain profitable and on a growth trajectory in a dynamic and globalised market. Uncovering untapped income which reduces innovation costs, time to market and risk can be achieved. Intellectual property licensing is fast becoming the gateway to growth.     Right now, less than 1% of Australian […]

IP Licensing Workshop for the CEO

Australia’s first Intellectual Property (IP) Brand Licensing Workshop for the CEO has launched. The Brand Licensing Workshop is created as an intensive 1 day programme providing practical and accelerated learning to empower decision makers. The course is created for executives to up-skill then implement.   Leveraging the intangible assets of your Brand as a company leader, is the […]

Licensing Lessons from The Lego Batman Movie

The current global launch (err, except Australia – more about this later) of the highly awaited “The Lego® Batman® Movie” is a great example of brand collaboration licensing.  With Warner Bros Consumer Products brand DC Entertainment leveraging the success of Batman’s gruff character in the original “The Lego Movie”, Batman now stars in his own […]

Media Release – IFL Science Top 20 popular blogs

IFLScience, the world’s most popular science blogging brand, has released the Top 100 articles from the last year to Untapped Agency.  As the appointed brand licensing agent, we represent the IFLScience brand to transition from a digital phenomenon to innovative new consumer products, technology and experiences through licensed collaborations. It’s true, our favourite blogs are about […]

IFLScience Top 20 trending posts this year

IFLScience, the world’s most popular science blogging brand, has released the Top 100 articles from the last year to Untapped Agency as we represent the brand to transition from a digital phenomenon to innovative new consumer products, technology and experiences through licensed collaborations with the IFLScience brand. It’s true, our favourite blogs are about sex and […]

How fashion brands can license for growth

The beauty of owning a trending fashion brand, is the scope available to extend your brand into complementary new products and new consumer categories.  This is not a task that you as the brand owner need to create if you develop a comprehensive licensing programme.  Fashion licensing is the process of allowing your brand to […]

Gold’s Gym licenses brand for footwear

Legendary American gym chain, Gold’s Gym, has partnered with a leading footwear manufacturer Vibram, to develop and market a range of footwear for the gym. Specific to the deal, Gold’s Gym will have a branded FiveFinger cross training shoe which has the functionality to be used in many workouts including cross-training, running and water sports. […]

Aussie Black Caviar has her own licensed products

Not only is Black Caviar, our undefeated Australian thoroughbred mare, a legendary race horse but she now spends her days earning an additional income for her owners.  With 25 wins from 25 starts, she holds her place in racing history including the Australian Horse Of The Year. Through an innovative licensing deal with one of […]

How Brand Licensing Can Increase Sales

The most successful marketers are those who can directly link the marketing expenditure efforts to incremental growth on sales.  These commercially savvy brand managers understand that the right strategy can unleash new consumer engagement and convert new customers. One of the most effective and lucrative strategies is that of Licensing. Brand Licensing is the art […]

How Brand Licensing can ignite Growth

Many brand owners are now learning that there is great money to be made from licensing of brands.  Licensing growth can be rapid and sustainable if you take the time to plan and manage.   There are just a few rules that can help you navigate the process. 1. Get your intellectual property protected Your brand […]

Transformers 5 Movie update

Get ready for the newest Transformers movie currently in production to continue the brand growth trajectory that this global franchise commands. The new Transformers 5: The Last Knight, slated for release June 2017, is bigger than ever. With the last four movies grossing in excess of $3billion to date at the box office, Optimus Prime […]

Internal NPD Innovation Licensing Trend

There is a new process revolutionising NPD to rapidly increase time to market, slash R&D costs, create multiple new products for less than the cost of a handful, and reduce company failure risk exposure from consumer adoption. New Product Development should be the domain of the marketing management.  This statement can be applied if you […]

Ironman Triathlon is a successful Licensor

Iconic and authentic, the IRONMAN brand continues to expand globally through licensing into lifestyle products. The iconic Ironman triathlon launched in 1978, and by 1986 the licensed Timex Ironman watch was, and reputedly remains, one of the best selling sports watches in the world.  The brand has continued to evolve its licensing programme to include […]

Legacy Brand Revival: Polaroid

In 2015, the Polaroid brand earned an estimated USD$550 million. Not bad for a brand that was declared bankrupt in 2009. The company’s intangible assets – elements including any trademarks, copyright, designs, patents – were purchased by PLR IP Holdings, who then licensed all the assets for a brand revival. Not only used on photography-related […]

Fashion Licensing is a trend that just keeps growing

If you want to expand your fashion brand quickly into new apparel and lifestyle categories then you need to license. If you are not familiar with the concept of fashion licensing, then these famous brand’s growth strategy will help you understand. Prada, Tom Ford, Chanel and Coach don’t create and manufacture and retail their own […]

What Is Brand Licensing?

If you are unfamiliar with Licensing of a brand, let us help you with a few basic terms and parties involved. Simply, brand licensing is like leasing of an intangible asset. This intangible asset in your brand intellectual property. So what really is Licensing? Licensing is a contractual permission to use a brand in association […]

How To Avoid Music Copyright Issues

If the thought of potential copyright infringement scares you senseless, then there is one simple way to avoid this predicament. Create your own original content. Based on this sound reasoning, you could consider this editorial complete. However not everyone is a composer or a lyricist and more than likely you will need to source music […]

Genericide: When You Brand Becomes Generic

Developing a brand is such a critical element of your long term success. You want everyone to know your name and buy your brand, but what happens when your brand becomes the generic name for that product or service? Genericism is the situation where a registered trademark becomes the industry name. It is the result […]

A Brand Versus A Trademark

As a Licensing company which deals with Brands and Trademarks, we often here these two words interchanged in the course of a conversation with a Client. While in some circumstances they can be the same, in a number of instances the elements of a brand are not a trademark. Let us explain, and this may […]

Why Should I Register A Trademark

It is still staggering to us how frequently we meet Business Owners who do not deem it important to register their brand as a Trademark. You spend all day building your brand, creating a reputation, managing its presence in the market. Why not protect this hard work? And when we share this list, they can […]

Can A Politician Use My Song In Their Campaign

With our impending elections, it is a great time to consider whether one of our politicians is allowed to use any artist’s song to rally the crowd. What copyright protection does an artist have against your works becoming the battle-cry anthem for a Poli? Flash to Donald Trump and “Eye of the Tiger” at present. […]

Betty And Her Copyright Smile

How many times have you entered yourself into a competition which requires a Selfie doing something specific to be eligible? Usually this very innocent with the Competition Host (brand owner) asking to to do something fun or special showcasing their product. Recently in the UK with travel company Thomson, this competition was no different. In […]

Kylie V Kylie For A Trademark Showdown

If you are not to sure about Trademarks and their importance as a business asset, then a quick overview of the current Kylie Minogue versus Kylie Jenner trademark opposition is a great way to start. Her are the key points: Kylie, our homegrown girl, has been around since the 1980’s and has trademarked the name […]

3 Incorrect Licensing Assumptions

After years in the licensing game, managing global brands and launching local brands to expand sales and consumer engagements, there are three repeating and incorrect assumptions we contend with. As a Licensing Agency, we create innovative new consumer products, services and promotions for our Brand Owners. We are aware that for a Brand Owner to […]

Trending In Licensed Apparel

In licensing, the Apparel and Apparel accessories are on of the biggest categories for revenue creation. In 2014, in the United States alone, this category was estimated to achieve over USD$50 billion in licensed sales. So what is trending now? These are the top three commanding retail space overseas: 1. Art As Fashion With the […]

360 Degree Licensed Franchises

In the world of Licensing of brands, driven by the need to offer a 24/7 brand engagement, last year was lead by the major global brand Licensor’s strategising not just to build brands, but to build licensed franchises.

Disney Tops Most Powerful Brand List

Thanks to the success of STAR WARS (another Disney acquisition) and the innovative licensed merchandise programme off the back of the movie box office takings, Disney tops the ranks as the World’s Most Powerful Brands.

Top 5 Trends In Licensing – Part 1

Executives, brand owners and licensing professionals preparing for another big year as we create innovative and incredible licensing programmes, it is time to focus on the top trends in licensing. 1. Scattered Consumer Market – traditional licensing has dominated the mass retail chains, clearly identifiable with entertainment licensing (think kids character in every category), and […]