Benefits of Licensing

Successful brands don’t sit still. They develop according to their values, authenticity and core competencies.

Current pressure to look for new innovation that goes beyond your own business structures makes licensing an increasingly useful option to increase revenue and keep you brand relevant with multiple consumer audiences.

Corporate leaders are now identifying that brand licensing has become more important than ever before to gain or grow a competitive advantage.

Brands with strong consumer recognition, relevance and loyalty have been successfully extended into new product categories for many years.

Why you should start licensing:

  • Generates new revenue streams
  • Reduces NPD costs and time
  • Opens up new domestic channels and global territories
  • Tests new categories and business opportunities
  • Increases retail presence into categories outside of the core brand
  • Can be used to develop cross-functional promotional opportunities
  • Makes brands more lifestyle orientated
  • Increases brand affinity with new and more consumers
  • Builds stronger relationships with consumers as they can interact with your brand across many more relationships in their lifestyle
  • Allows consumers to show the love they have for your brand by immersing themselves further into a relationship
  • Attracts new customers to your brand who may not have tried in your core category but want to align with your values and status in other areas of their life
  • Licensing builds a competitive advantage over your competitors as you open up new consumer purchasing opportunities
  • Allows you to protect your IP in categories outside your core product offering
  • Reinforces your brand position and brand message
  • Increases your brand value

Strategic Managment

IP Owners, if you have a market leading brand and want to commence licensing this out, Untapped Agency will manage your licensing programme.  We offer a suite of services to help launch your licensing programme and manage the development.

If you are a Manufacturer seeking to license a brand, Untapped Agency will help negotiate your deal and navigate you through the deal, license use and marketing of your new licensed intellectual property.

Untapped Agency represents focused expertise in the licensing industry.  We are an out-sourced IP development and brand growth specialist for the marketing and sales goals of your company.  With a unique combination of Trademark Law, Licensing and Brand Marketing Strategic Management.

There may be many benefits of licensing for your company.  Contact us today to launch licensing.