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The benefits are untapped.
Untapped Agency represents iconic, innovative,
competitive brands who want to protect and create
a consumer lifestyle immersion engagement.

is big business

Leadership brands understand the power of licensing.

Licensing is now a serious brand enhancement portfolio within the marketing strategy of companies. It is the ultimate NPD programme with minimised cost and risk.

Brand affinity
is Priceless

Consumers are now surrounded by licensed products and services and most are totally unaware of this strategic brand strategy.  

Untapped Agency manages licensing programs to lead innovative brand growth strategies for iconic, industry-leading brands.

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Untapped Agency provides our brand partners and licensees
with comprehensive support in creative and design, marketing, sales, operational, financial and retail arenas.

Licensing Is The Future

Smart Leaders Commercialise

Licensing is a key element of an integrated brand marketing programme to drive the brand. It is a strategic branding tool.

Gain a Competitive Edge

Brand leadership is enhanced
when your brand becomes a deeper consumer lifestyle
through licensing into complementary
products, services and experiences.

Find Your New Brand

Everything needs a name.
All intellectual property you create also needs a name.

Unique Brand Names

Untapped Agency has exciting brand names ready to go for innovative businesses who wish to launch new products, services or events and need a name.
A unique brand package consisting of critical branding elements:

Brands For Licensing

We can also help you create
your own brand name,
logo and other important
copyright elements
in preparation for launching
your own domestic and international licensing programme.

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