Brands are your biggest asset

Untapped Agency works with innovative
business owners, agencies, marketing leaders
and individuals to create new identities and
protect with trade mark registrations.

Branding Identity Australia

New Brand Creation

We develop globally useful identities that allow for trade mark registration applications.

New names, logos, stories, personality and styles guides.  Our ideas align with trade mark law so that you create a new identity that  you can protect.  

do You Own it?

Your brand is your greatest asset so protection is paramount.

We work with Marketers, Agencies, Business Owners to determine  ownership.  What if you are already infringing on a registered trade mark?

Create Your New Brand

Everything needs a name.
All intellectual property you create also needs a name.

Unique Names

Untapped Agency has exciting names ready to go for innovative businesses who wish to launch new products, services or events and need a name.
A unique package consisting of critical elements:

trademarks For Licensing

We can also help you create
your own unique name,
logo and other important copyright elements in preparation for launching
your own domestic and international licensing programme.

Untapped Agency brands

Trademark vs Brand

The yare not the same.

A brand is a collection of emotive attributes that a consumer has come to enjoy about a specific product or service. A trademark is a set of property rights that have a defined law and legal system to support and protect.

Registered Trademarks protect  elements such as the name, logo, device, slogan, sounds, smell or aspect of packaging.

Copyright or Logo Or Trade Mark

It can get confusing when you try to protect your intellectual property (IP).

We assist you to understand the differences between brands, trade marks and copyright so that you apply for IP rights that suit your business requirements

Untapped Agency brands

Are You Already Infringing?

Did you get a clearance report