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Untapped Agency can help you acquire trademark intellectual property

Protect Your Brand

Every product on the market faces competing products that can appear almost identical, similar or have a decent substitute.

Often the differentiator is the Brand.

The ultimate brand ownership is a trade mark. We can help you develop a comprehensive brand trademark strategy which will support your licensing commercialisation goals.

Our Trade Marks Attorney helps protect your brands to prepare you for licensing.

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Everything needs a name.
All intellectual property you create also needs a brand name that you protect as a registered trade mark.

trademark Applications

Protecting your brand name, logo or slogan is critical if you want to engage consumers to associate qualities with your goods and services.
IP trademarks can help stop others from passing off or infringing.
We offer you:

Unique Brand Names

Untapped Agency has exciting brand names ready to go for innovative businesses who wish to launch new products, services or events and need a name.
A unique brand package consisting of critical branding elements: