Untapped Agency wants to help innovative and quirky science-infused product brand owners to collaborate with licensing through the world’s most popular online science brand IFLScience


Science is trending.  Especially when it comes to fun, cool and facetious lifestyle products.  Licensing is the trending marketing programme right now too.

Put these two together with the world’s most engaging and most followed online science brand, and this will create some real magic for consumers.

IFLScience has already developed a successful product lifestyle programme in the UK (where the brand originates from) and the USA.  Collaborating with an array of brands across lifestyle products, Brand Owners are creating innovative products under the IFLScience brand or co-branded to drive new retail sales and tap into the avid IFLScience follower.

The collaborative licensing programme for Australia and New Zealand is managed by us here at Untapped Agency.  We are currently discussing licensing initiatives to tap into new retail consumers and channels across:

apparel, fashion accessories, FMCG, home, electronics, tech gadgets, education, toys, games, health, beauty, travel, leisure, entertainment, gaming, fitness, outdoors and environment


What makes the IFLScience licensing collaboration opportunity so enriching is the potential to communicate directly with the 2 million Australian followers if the IFLScience facebook community.  Depending on the marketing ideas of the Australian licensee and the type of consumer product, CMO’s and media agencies could cultivate quirky marketing campaigns posted to the IFLS FB community.

The consumer product licensing programme has already successfully been implemented in the UK and USA across a number of lifestyle categories.

The opportunity now in Australia is to collaborate with brands who are looking to align with the brand attributes of IFLS  to not only educate the masses, giving a deeper approach to science and encourage them to learn more but also to attract people who seek to explore, understand and appreciate the universe around them.

Translating this into consumer products that are clever, entertaining and enriching.

For more information on becoming an IFLScience Licensee, contact us at Untapped Agency


Celia Murray is a IP Licensing Specialist and Trademarks Attorney who lives for creating new revenue streams from licensing.  

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