Untapped Agency is a dynamic trademark, brand, copyright and IP licensing marketing agency and boutique legal firm.

We are unique.

For our brand owners, we protect and create new income streams from licensing brands and branding assets in Australia and internationally.

Trade Mark Legal Services

  • Trademark applications
  • Brand IP License Agreement Scope
  • Global Brand Protection strategy and implementation
  • Trade Mark law

Your brand is your biggest asset.  Protect it.  Brand Owners need to apply for trademark registration in every country they trade.  We will take your brand global.

You need trademarks first to commence your licensing commercialisation program. 


  • Licensing leadership of your brand, innovation or copyright
  • Licensing Strategic Planning
  • Commercialisation business development
  • Licensing deal negotiation
  • Licensing-Out of your IP and Licensing-In Acquisition of IP
  • Licensing monetisation

We provide our brand partners, licensors and licensees with comprehensive support in creative and design, marketing, sales, operational, financial, distribution and retail arenas. 

Untapped Agency thrive in creating innovative licensing deals to gain a competitive edge for your brand.

Iconic Brand Licensing Management

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  • Monetisation strategies from IP licensing
  • New domestic channel income creation
  • Global revenue stream development
  • Licensee acquisition
  • Licensor acquisition
  • Licensing strategic planning and execution

Through licensing, Untapped Agency can drive incremental growth and revenue. Licensing enables innovative brand extensions, new brand engagement, increased brand impressions, reduce NPD risk and is a measurable marketing strategy.

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Successful licensing starts with protecting your intellectual property (IP). Trademark registrations are required before commercialisation can commence. Trademark protection is one way to achieve intellectual property rights in IP management.

Let us take the lead for your brand growth.

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