Australia’s first Intellectual Property (IP) Brand Licensing Workshop for the CEO has launched.

The Brand Licensing Workshop is created as an intensive 1 day programme providing practical and accelerated learning to empower decision makers. The course is created for executives to up-skill then implement.


Leveraging the intangible assets of your Brand as a company leader, is the least explored growth strategy here in Australia.  Collaboration through licensing acquisition to open new channels, markets and engage new consumers is also underutilised.

IPTIUM delivers a leading learning framework to challenge the top decision makers and company strategists to drive sales and increase value for stakeholders. Learn how to unlock, protect and drive innovation from licensing.

Study how to license intellectual property; be introduced to licensing as equity driver; think and grow globally with an IP licensing strategy. Gain knowledge across marketing, law, finance and sales to master IP licensing for sustainable growth.

For many, Licensing is an untapped mechanism for exploiting intellectual property.  It is often unwittingly ignored as a growth strategy as it is the least known marketing programme to drive company value.  For companies where your brand has significant awareness in your category and it has the potential to extend into new products and services, this course could open new revenue streams, increase the longevity of your brand and engage new consumer outside your core offering.


This intensive Brand Licensing workshop is presented by leading intellectual property and intangible asset practitioners.  Learn from a Trade Mark Attorney, Lawyer,  Accountant and Brand Licensing Consultant as they share their knowledge and experience.  There is nothing else available to Australian Executives that delivers a leading learning framework to challenge the top decision makers and company strategists to drive sales and increase value for stakeholders.


Innovation is top of mind for Australian company leaders
but in too many cases not in the strategic plan.
Learn how licensing of your intellectual property creates your innovation journey
and how you can implement.

Brand Owners

Brand Licensing leverages your market leadership, is risk averse when carefully governed and increases your brand’s life time value.

Externally you brand creates a deeper lifestyle connection with new consumers.  These new customers can engage with you outside of your core brand offer, encouraging new individuals and groups to buy into your brand.  Internally, Licensing encompasses all facets of the business – marketing, sales, law, finance and operations.

Your Brand Name is your biggest asset. Brand Licensing is one of the least explored growth performance systems for your company’s assets.

Licensing can significantly reduce new product development cost, has the potential to be a more viable globalisation strategy than distributorships and can minimise financial growth risk if effectively implemented and managed.



A smart decision is to overlay a successful brand onto your core manufacturing product that consumers will identify with.

Acquisition of a market-leading brand can open up opportunities for manufacturers to maximise consumer and retailer acceptance of your own brands products as it lends credibility to your own products through the branded association.  This alignment could quickly provide your brands the recognition they need, increase shelf space at retail, attract new customer and offer a premium price point.


This workshop is for the Chief Executive, Company Leaders and Brand Owners.

Entry is restricted.  We invite you to Register Your Interest with Iptium.

For  more information, refer to the course list on the Iptium website.


Celia Murray is Trademarks Attorney and one of the Facilitators at Iptium.  Celia is the owner and founder of Untapped Agency. 

To successfully venture into licensing, control of your brand is mandatory.  Untapped Agency offers Trademarks Attorney services and is a Licensing Agent for Brand Owners, Licensees, Manufacturers and Retailers. We extend iconic brands, copyright, fashion, designs, innovations and trademarks into innovative, new consumer products, services and promotions.