The current global launch (err, except Australia – more about this later) of the highly awaited “The Lego® Batman® Movie” is a great example of brand collaboration licensing.  With Warner Bros Consumer Products brand DC Entertainment leveraging the success of Batman’s gruff character in the original “The Lego Movie”, Batman now stars in his own big-screen adventure.

Warner Bros and Lego further enhanced the promotional marketing leading up the release with cross-over to other Warner Bros entertainment brands, including The Big Bang Theory.  The skits are hilarious.

Collaborative brand licensing is a powerful marketing and sales tool.  By combing powers of the brands, both Warner Bros and Lego have created another large global licensing programme that will far outlast the cinema exposure.

On the back of the movie, co-licensing deals continued to be forged presenting a range of The Lego® Batman® Movie themed products.  While Lego is offering building sets, collectible Lego minifigurines, and expansion fun pack, Lego has also partnered with other licensees to increase the lifestyle merchandise.

Expect to see The Lego® Batman® Movie characters across publishing, costumes, apparel, phone accessories, stationery and homewares.

The learning from these two juggernauts of brand licensing to drive sales revenue is twofold.  Firstly, the discerning and selected consumer product strategy.  The Lego® Batman® Movie could be extended almost everywhere with a plethora of merchandise saturating retail.  The Brand Owners have wisely selected the complementary categories and products that would best suit the on-going brand extensions.

Secondly, the unrelenting management of quality.  Both brands command respect and have earned trust through the delivery of great brand experiences.  The Licensee partners selected are renown for their licensing experience to help build and deliver the movie merchandise programme.

For those who are new to licensing and the process to lead to successful management of your own brand, watching how the big brands play is always advantageous.  This collaboration achieves a strategic brand programme to drive sales and honours each brand’s heritage.

As for the Australia relase of the movie, unfortunately we are stalled for six weeks with the release held back until the next major movie season in the Easter school holidays.

Quote of the day, thanks Warner Bros

“Always be yourself.  Unless you can be Batman.”

And if you are a fan of The Big Bang Theory, check out these hilarious Lego® Batman® skits where Batman meets the Big Bang crew.


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