Intellectual Property Licensing

Commercialising trade marks, copyright and patents into new consumer products, services and experiences.

Who Can License IP?

Brands that should consider licensing can originate from all industries.

Fashion, Sport, Education,
Tourism, Food and Beverage,
Corporates, Music, Technology,
Apparel, Jewellery, Cosmetics,
Health and Beauty, Publishing,
Footwear, Homewares,
Nutrition and Wellness, Travel, Outdoors,
Pet, Music, Celebrity,
Entertainment, Digital, Hobbies, Leisure,
Trades and Construction,
Holidays, Innovation, Technology, The Arts, Celebrity,
Not-For-Profit, Government and more.

Intellectual Property Owners

Your IP could have the potential to be commercialised to create new income streams.

If you own any of these, perhaps you could develop a strategic licensing plan:

trade mark
literary work
creatives works
product designs