Untapped Agency is a Full-Service 
Brand Licensing Agency 

Brand And IP Commercialisation

Great brands, inspiring creatives and innovative inventors
can leverage licensing strategies to commercialise.

Untapped Agency represents incredible brand owners
and iconic brands to create new licensed products,
services, campaigns and experiences.

Commercialisation And Monetisation​

Benefits of Licensing

  • attract new consumers
  • increase market share of core products or services
  • build a competitive advantage
  • increase the number of income streams
  • earn royalty revenue
  • reduce NPD time, costs and failures
  • increase consumer loyalty
  • build brand value

Who Should Be Licensing

Fashion and Accessories

Licensing extends your brand into new consumer categories

Corporate Brands

Create new revenue streams and reduce your NPD risk


Expand into new shelf space and new distrubution channels

Wellness and Nutrition

Attract new consumers and build customer loyalty


Bring your characters alive as new consumer experiences

Sport And Esports

Build brand equity and attract new consumers

Influencial Personal Brands

License your brand if a celebrity, media personality or influencer

Entertainment And Gaming

Grow your brand into a total lifestyle immersion

Beauty and Health

Grow your brand into a total lifestyle immersion


Licensing is an untapped future for monetisation

About Untapped Agency

All We Do Is Licensing

As a full-service IP licensing commercialisation firm,
we offer licensing strategic planning,
intellectual property protection strategies,
monetisation, licensee acquisition,
licensor pitching, deal negotiation
and IP asset management

Iconic Global Brand Management

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