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Composers and those who invest in their music rely on Copyright Laws to protect their creations. This allows the Copyright Owner to claim certain legal rights to their works including controlling how their works are used in a licenses and how the royalty commission is earned.

Copyright in music can subsist in the composition (including the lyrics), the sound recording, and even the choreography if there is a video or performance.

Australian Copyright Law gives copyright owners the exclusive rights to:

  • reproduce the work – including recording a performance of it, photocopying it, or downloading it from the web
  • perform it in public
  • communicate it to the public – through radio, television and the internet
  • arrange or transcribe it
  • make it public
  • translate the lyric

There are many ways in which music can be commercially exploited; streaming, recording it on device or product, using it in advertising, selling it online and downloading it for mobile phone ringtones. Use can be granted through a license for a fee which provides royalty revenue for the numerous copyright owners. If you want to use a song, a part of a song or manipulate a song to accompany your own or company marketing material, you need a license.

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