Legendary American gym chain, Gold’s Gym, has partnered with a leading footwear manufacturer Vibram, to develop and market a range of footwear for the gym.

Specific to the deal, Gold’s Gym will have a branded FiveFinger cross training shoe which has the functionality to be used in many workouts including cross-training, running and water sports.

Developed in conjunction with the Gold’s Gym fitness experts, the new shoe has a significant purpose to extend the Gold’s Gym brand outside of the gyms and into the consumer’s lifestyles.  Licensing allows the brand to connect with new consumers who may not engage with the gym as their local hangout, but when they are exercising in their own time and space they can be associated and invested in the benefits of the brand.

Slated to be launched in early 2017 through North America, the shoe is promoted as a “training tool for active people everywhere, indoors and outdoors, from weekend warriors to professional athletes” says Michael Cobb, chief marketing officer at Gold’s Gym.

As a brand, Gold’s Gym asserts themselves a world leading authority on health and fitness.  The licensing partnership between Vibram, who achieved fame and success from their own FiveFinger brand to assert their reputation for footwear expertise, and Gold’s defines the focus that these brands have in this global market.

The new shoe will be developed to maximise function and form based on the lightweight material and a comfortable design which is the focus of the Vibram sole technology.

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