IFLScience, the world’s most popular science blogging brand, has released the Top 100 articles from the last year to Untapped Agency as we represent the brand to transition from a digital phenomenon to innovative new consumer products, technology and experiences through licensed collaborations with the IFLScience brand.

It’s true, our favourite blogs are about sex
and aliens

IFLScience, the world’s most popular science blogging brand, has compiled their top trending news stories from the last twelve months.  No surprises that sex and alien stories rank in the top 20.  Thankfully, so do stories about higher intelligence.


Warning:  Topics mentioned may cause offence

Since its launch in 2012, the IFLScience blogging brand has transformed the communication of science stories, ideas, achievements, innovations and opinions to the general public.  The global size and reach of the IFLScience brand across digital platforms achieves 212 million monthly impressions, 50 million unique monthly visitors and has captured 24 million Facebook followers.

In Australia and New Zealand there is a loyal and engaged audience that follow the brand.  Down here, IFLScience achieves 4.6 million monthly impressions, engages 3 million unique monthly visitors and has over 2 million Facebook likes.

IFLScience has shared with Untapped Agency the Top 100 stories from the last year as to what garnered the most views.  Here are the IFLScience Top 20:

  1. Here’s what sex looks like from inside the vagina  (video taken down)
  2. The eight traits often associated with higher intelligence  
  3. Why cats are insanely afraid of cucumbers?
  4. Why was a Child’s ‘5+5+5=15’ answer marked as incorrect?
  5. How long does sex normally last?
  6. Observe the evidence for evolution on your own body
  7. Marijuana contains ”Alien DNA” from outside of our Solar System, NASA confirms
  8. Have we really discovered a huge alien megastructure around a star?
  9. This image can trick your brain and make you see it in color
  10. Man reaches into cave hole and pulls out your worst nightmare
  11. All blue-eyed people have this one thing in common
  12. Dear parents, you are being lied to
  13. This optical illusion of a brick wall is really driving the internet nuts
  14. Teenager wins $400,000 for his video explaining Einstein’s theory of relativity
  15. Why you need to stop using these hand dryers
  16. Study concludes that women who squirt during sex are actually peeing
  17. Why do dogs tilt their heads when we talk to them
  18. This new shade of blue was accidentally discovered by chemists
  19. Man fails paternity test because unborn twin is the biological father of his son
  20. Parents are freaking out because they can’t answer a 7-year-old kid’s exam question

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“We are very fortunate to work with IFLScience to fulfil the consumer demand for IFLScience products and interactive events” says Celia Murray, Director of Licensing and Trademarks Attorney at Untapped Agency.

We look forward to hearing from innovators and brands who wish to collaborate with the IFLScience brand to bring new consumer products and experiences to market


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