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Executives, brand owners and licensing professionals preparing for another big year as we create innovative and incredible licensing programmes, it is time to focus on the top trends in licensing.

1. Scattered Consumer Market – traditional licensing has dominated the mass retail chains, clearly identifiable with entertainment licensing (think kids character in every category), and now the mass retail dynamic of predictable licensed goods are dramatically changing. The visible retail migration to include niche brands has been opened as consumer channels for buying also evolve. We are now seeing more unique brands creating even more exciting brand extensions.

2. Original Brand Extensions – brands are now diversify into refreshing new consumer lifestyle products making a compelling and interpersonal consumer relationship. New categories, new target audiences, new geographical locations and co-licensing are driving new revenue.

3. Mobile Consumers – the Deloitte Mobile Consumer Survey 2015 (The Australian Cut) provided insight that mobile consumers aged between 25-34 were most likely to browse shopping sites weekly (84% regularly) converting to 64% making a purchase online. Speed of your retail site, ease of shipping (or free!) and a simple returns policy are creating a headache for the traditional bricks and mortar. This is especially true if the licensed brand extension is exclusive/hard to get than a mass brand.

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