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Helping you protect and create your brands

Brand IP


Advising and assisting you in relation to the selection and protection of new trade marks, including advising on suitable searching and filing strategies, the registration process and applicable laws, and best practice on use of a trade mark.

apply For a Trade Mark

To license a brand you need trademark registration.
If you want to license your brand globally,
you will need international trademarks secured
to protect your incredible brand asset too.

all trademarks are brands but not all brands are trademarks

Your Trade Marks Attorney

Our in-house Trade Marks Attorney is Celia Murray. Her background is grounded in marketing and trademark licensing commercialisation, managing a few of the planet’s most endearing brands.

Add this to her qualification as a Trade Mark Attorney, Celia offers Clients trademarks services to apply for and seek to obtain trademark protection or registration in Australia and overseas and by advising on use and registration of trademarks.

Celia’s strengths are her abilities to work with you on a domestic and global trademark strategy to enhance your commercialisation strategies.

What We Do

Trade Mark Strategy

Licensing growth requries trademark assets to be acquired.  Where you want to expand and license needs a plan.

Brand Strategy

A robust brand strategy supports your trademark asset portfolio.  Licensing requrires brand asset development and management.

Remote Services

We work with you no matter where you are in Australia. All we need is to be connected with either a phone or video conference and email. 

Trademark Search

Can you apply for your trademark in Australia or overseas? A clearance search supports a trademark strategy for growth

Brand Guidelines

Every brand needs a rule book.  When you license your brand assets your Brand Guidelines are critical to your success.

Commercialisation And Monetisation​

New Trademark Development

A comprehensive brand strategy allows you to grow your trademark asset portfolio for licensing.  Untapped Agency with our Trademark Attorney can help you create new IP assets for growth.