Trade Mark Attorney

Trademarks Attorney

Our in-house Trademarks Attorney is Celia Murray. Her background is grounded in marketing and trademark licensing, managing a few of the planet’s most endearing brands. Add this to her qualification as a Trademarks Attorney, Celia offers Clients trademarks services to apply for and seek to obtain trademark protection or registration in Australia and overseas and by advising on use and registration of trademarks.

What is a Trademark

A trade mark is a name, symbol, sign, or other device identifying a product as unique. It is officially registered and legally restricted to the use of the owner or manufacturer. Trademarks can be your most valuable assets, and are often the only way of distinguishing your goods or services from those of others. Untapped Agency can advise you on trademark and copyright protection.

Registering a Trademark

A Trademarks Attorney’s work includes advising and assisting clients in relation to the selection and protection of new Trade Marks, including advising on suitable searching and filing strategies, the registration process and applicable laws, and best practice on use of a Trade Mark. A Trade Mark Attorney will also provide advice and assistance in relation to the enforcement, maintenance and renewal of registered trade marks, portfolio management and transactions involving trade marks, such as assignments and licences.

Trademark Assets

Trademarking, or the protection of brand names, logos and designs in every industry, is one of the most popular and growing asset management strategies for companies. A trademark license is an agreement between a trademark owner (“licensor”) and another party (“licensee”) in which the licensor permits the licensee to use its trademark in commerce. Trademarking helps to protect against infringement.

Trademark Registration

Successful licensing starts with protecting your intellectual property (IP).

Trademark registrations are required before brand licensing can commence. Untapped Agency can assist Brand Owners to seek a comprehensive trademark registration programme based on your future plans for licensing brand growth in Australia, New Zealand, China, USA, UK and the rest of the world.

Not really sure what a trademark is and why you should try to achieve this registration? A trademark is a sign that distinguishes your products or services from those of your competitors. Once registered, you may ‘lease’ your brand to a third party.

Trademark protection is one way to achieve intellectual property rights in IP management.

Seek to trademark your brand to leverage this asset into new royalty revenue.

Every product on the market faces competing products that can appear almost identical, similar or have a decent substitute. Often the differentiator is the Brand. To develop loyalty through confidence and trust of your brand means that you have created a distinct connection and authentic connection with that consumer and wider consumer groups. This Brand Creation is unique through your brand identity, its image and your reputation.

There are a few basic elements of designing a Trade Mark. Your trademark should:

  • be inherently distinctive
  • be easy to remember and pronounce
  • fit the product or service of your business

And for the marketing and design licensing elements, your trademark must be able to be replicated across a range of products, packaging, sizes, fabrics and materials.

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Remote Services

We offer our Trademark services with a meeting face-to-face or skype.

As we are Brand Managers as well as a Trademark Attorney, we really get into your marketing and protection.

Opting for our skype services allows for innovative business and time-critical Brand Owners all over Australia to engage us and get the job done from your office.