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Adverse Report Help

We will take the lead to respond to an adverse examination report from your trade mark application with IP Australia.  

Simply, and adverse report is a result of the examination of your application and there is something wrong with you trademark you are attempting to register.

Trade Mark Attorney Services

Fixed Fees

We offer a fixed fee for our services to enable you to respond to your trademark examination report.

There are specific requirements to prepare and respond to IP Australia.  We will discuss a strategy and provide a plan including a transparent fee structure.

We simplify this procedure and empower you to prepare your evidence.

Trade Marks

Our in-house Trade Marks Attorney is Celia Murray. Her background is grounded in marketing and trademark licensing commercialisation, managing a few of the planet’s most endearing brands.

Add this to her qualification as a Trade Mark Attorney, Celia offers Clients trademarks services to apply for and seek to obtain trademark protection or registration in Australia and overseas and by advising on use and registration of trademarks.

Celia’s strengths are her abilities to work with you on a domestic and global trademark strategy to enhance your commercialisation strategies.

Let us help you with your brand assets

How to Respond

If the examiner raises an objection to your trade mark, there are specific provisions in the trade mark law legislation which enables you to address the objection or numerous objections.

We can assist you to compile the relevant responses, gather information and evidence and draft your declaration so that it meets the legal requirements.

Trade Mark Strategy

What is An Adverse Report

This response is issued to you if the examiner determines that there is something wrong with your application.  This occurs when IP Australia detremines that your trade mark does not fit the relevant requirements to be resgistered.

The response may be a simple reply, or in many instances, a comprehensive response is necessary to refute all of the objections raised.

We can assist you to determine your response options and work with you to reply to IP Australia

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What is a Trade Mark

To protect and commercialise your a brand you need trademark registration.

There are big benefits to achieving trade mark registration.  Let us explain these to you, then assist in your trade mark brand strategy and trademark application.