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Brand Clearance Report

Check if you are eligible to apply for a trade mark before you try.

A trademark is legally protected by intellectual property rights. It is a valuable asset that needs to have a protection strategy.

Our Brand Clearance Report will provide the commercial information.

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benefits of a brand search

Once you apply for a trademark your application is listed on the IP Australia database.  Anyone can view.

Take the first step and check if you are able to apply, or if you need to modify your brand strategy.  We are here to help you protect your greatest asset, your brands.

Trade Mark Application Strategy

With over 75,000 new trade mark applications every year with IP Australia, what if your brand is already in use?

What if your brand is too similar to another registered trade mark? What will you do if your application is examined and you receive an adverse report?

We work with you to check the commercial risk of your trade mark application and consider strategies. This is with the Brand Clearance Report service.

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Can I Use My Brand

Are You Already Infringing?

Infringement occurs when you use a brand that is identical or deceptively similar to a registered trade mark when used on closely related goods or services.

The registered owner of the trade mark may start legal proceedings against a party that violates its trade mark rights.

That is the benefit of a Brand Clearance Report to determine whether you can apply for a trade mark and the strategies available to you

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Brand Clearance Report
for Business Owners

Graphic Designer and Creative Agencies

We work with Endurily which is a brand clearance service made just for  people to invent new brand identities or refresh brands.

Check out Endurily before you present a brand idea to a client which potentially infringes on an existing registered trademark.