How To Apply For A Trade Mark

Can you apply? Is your brand registrable? Are you already infringing? Not all brands can apply for trademark registration and protection. We make the process simple, offer fixed fees and help you develop your brand asset strategy.
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Australian Trade Marks

As you trade and promote in Australia to sell to and connect with Australian consumers and customers, protecting your brand in our local market is critical. Watch our quick video on how to apply for a trademark.

Can You Apply?

With our simple Brand Clearance Report service, we work with you to determine if you actually apply for your trade mark.

This is the first step to determine how to apply for your trademark in Australia. Is there another registered trademark  that is already protected that will force you to rebrand? Or is your brand name registrable in Australia?  

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Is your Brand Clear?

Just because you have been using your brand, own the domain, own a business name and a few social media pages does not mean that you may be able to protect your brand and achieve trade mark registration.

We recommend a Brand Clearance Report as the first critical step for your brand asset protection programme. 

Global Trademarks

If you are selling online to a global audience and market yourself in a foreign country, have you ensured you can use your own brand?

You need to apply for trade mark registration in every country that you trade.  Or risk not trading in that lucrative territory.

We have a specific inhouse service Legitible® which is dedicated to international trademark applications.

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