Protect Your Brand

What Is A Trade Mark

A trade mark is a specific type of intellectual property right that protects a brand. All brands owners should invest in a trade mark for trading in Australia and other international markets.

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Trade Marks Are Big Business

Benefits of Owning A Trademark

Applying for a trademark is an invaluable piece of intellectual property to own.
Trademarks are property that can be licensed, assigned, transferred, bought and sold.
They are your reputation.

Can I Trade Mark My Brand?

Applying for a trade mark is a formal application process. We can help you determine the registrability of your brand and offer a fixed fee process to apply for your trade mark.  

Chat with us and learn about what is a trade mark and how you could apply.

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Brand Clearance Report

Is your Brand Already Infringing?

Before applying for a trade mark, we recommend you complete a Brand Clearance Report.

This report provides you with commercial comparisons and potential risks with your proposed trade mark application

Fixed Fees

We offer a simple, fixed fee service.  You can choose the brand protection strategy that best suits your growth plans.

We offer a complementary 15 minute appointment so you can learn more about the benefits of applying for your trademark in Australia and in all the countries that you trade.

Our Services

Trade Mark Strategy

Depending on whether you are already using your brand or creating a new one, you need to plan how to protect your greatest assets.

Global Brand Strategy

If you are selling your brand to consumers or customers in international countries, you need trade mark protection there too.

Remote Services

We work with you no matter where you are in Australia. Every Australian with a unique brand and reputation needs to seek protection. 

Adverse Reports

If you have applied with IP Australia for a trademark and issued an adverse report, we can assist you prepare to respond.

Brand Clearance Search

What if your brand is already infringing on another registered mark?  We can help determine your commercial risk