Get ready for the newest Transformers movie currently in production to continue the brand growth trajectory that this global franchise commands.

The new Transformers 5: The Last Knight, slated for release June 2017, is bigger than ever.

With the last four movies grossing in excess of $3billion to date at the box office, Optimus Prime and his loyal team will seek to defeat Megatron again in a new iteration of action, adventure and a new breed of hero.

The Transformers franchise has amassed over $7billion in retail since 2007, achieved 12million+ video views on the official Transformers You Tube channel and has over 30million facebook fans – and over 1.4 million of these are Australian.  We even like our tweets with 215,000 followers in Australia alone.  The Transformers brand transcends ages, with the four distinct sub-brands recruiting, engaging and expanding a loyal fan base.

Need a Transformers fix?  Check their facebook page here

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