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If you are unfamiliar with Licensing of a brand, let us help you with a few basic terms and parties involved.

Simply, brand licensing is like leasing of an intangible asset. This intangible asset in your brand intellectual property.

So what really is Licensing? Licensing is a contractual permission to use a brand in association with a distinct product, for a set period of time, in an agreed territory. Licensing is the process by which a brand owner extends a trademark, brand or character out of its principal environment and onto products of a complementary yet completely different nature. You are rewarded by receiving a royalty revenue for the use of your brand logo on a consumer product.

A Brand Owner is called the Licensor. Also known as the Property Owner, the Licensor either directly owns or is employed by the branded company to tat on their behalf an in the best interested of the brand development and shareholder wealth. The Licensor has the power to agree to the licensing program and the rules in which the brand will be managed in the market.

A manufacturer is called a Licensee. A licensee is the company that has a contract with the brand owner to produce defined products or services under the brand name of the brand owner. A licensee is responsible for the development and distribution of the licensed products, including participation is retail promotional activity to sell in and sell through products or increase service experiences with the consumer.

The management of the licensing program is the Licensing Agent. On behalf of the brand owner the Agent develops the brand strategic plan and is responsible for the execution of the plan. The Agency is an out-sourced third party who develop, execute and grow the brand expansion programme, championing both the brand and the licensee to retail and consumers.

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