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If you are in business or have a terrific idea that will act as the launch your business, chances are that you already have a brand.

By definition, a trademark, is any ‘sign’ that you use to distinguish your products and/or services from those of other people. A ‘sign’ could be a name, slogan, logo, image, colour, shape, scent or even a sound (or a combination of these things).

For business owners, more often your potential trademark are names or logos. This is what you refer your consumers to by way of saying this is my product/service and you know that you are buying authentic. Registering your business name is not enough as it does not give you exclusive rights to use that name; however a trademark will.

The benefits of registering your ‘sign’ as a trademark include:

  • The right to use the name or logo, in connection with the goods or services nominated. Owning your business name and domain name is not enough.
  • The right to authorise the use of the name or logo in connection with the consumer goods or services. A must if you want to launch a licensing programme to generate new income.
  • The right to start legal action against people found to be infringing your rights.

Here at Untapped Agency, we manage the licensing programmes for iconic global and domestic brands. Thsi relies on licensing of their tradmarks to protect the Manufacturers and Retailers. It also allows consumers to ability to know they are buying genuine brands that they love.

Untapped Agency can register your Trademark with our Trademarks Attorney services. Untapped Agency is a Licensing Agent for Brand Owners, Licensees, Manufacturers and Retailers. We extend iconic brands, copyright, music, designs and trademarks into innovative, new consumer products, services and promotions.